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GREEN8 GOLD Vehicle Harmonizer
Protection for your Vehicle
(Cars, Trucks, SUVs, RVs, Buses, Trains, Planes)
from 4G and 5G EMF Radiation

Relaxed Driving Without Stress or Discomfort

Today's vehicles are loaded with devices such as Cell Phones, Bluetooth, GPS, CB Radio, and other
on-board electronics which produce dangerous amounts of EMF radiation. Also, most vehicles
today have between 13,000 and 26,000 feet of wire and cable. As these devices and wiring
become charged or energized, the EMF radiation that is produced is trapped in the vehicle which
acts as a metal box "Farady Cage". This is why drivers and passengers frequently experience
headaches, fatigue, tension, discomfort, and loss of concentration.
The GREEN8 GOLD Vehicle Harmonizer protects you and your vehicle from the effects
of all these electromagnetic radiation emitting devices which results in a more relaxed
and unencumbered driving experience. It measures 3.5" (9 cm) in diameter.

Superior German Technology: the GREEN8 GOLD Vehicle Harmonizer is the first high-
tech product that ensures effective protection for your car, truck, RV or any vehicle
from the many effects of all the various electronic and EMF radiating devices found in
modern vehicles.

Easy-to-use: Simply slip the GREEN8 GOLD Vehicle Harmonizer in any available
compartment in the vehicle, such as any side-door compartment or driver seat pocket.
GREEN8 GOLD Vehicle Harmonizer
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