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Protection for your Residence from EMF Radiation

Complete EMF Radiation Protection for Your Home from WIFI, Wireless Routers, Smart Meters,
High Voltage Power Lines, Satellites, Geopathic Stress, Ground Radiation, Cellular Phones,
Smartphones, Mobile Phones, Tablet Computers, Laptop Computers, iPads,
Cordless Telephones, and Solar Panels
The Transformer T28 4G-5G/LTE protects you and your home from the effects of
electromagnetic radiation. It measures 13.75" (35 cm) w X 13.75" (35 cm) h.

Superior German Technology: the Transformer T28 4G-5G/LTE is the first high-tech
product that ensures effective protection for your home from the many effects of not only
Cell Phone transmitter towers, but also high voltage electrical lines and nearby power

The Transformer T28 4G-5G/LTE can be installed in homes, apartments, office buildings,
schools, hospitals, and even housing for farm animals such as cattle, chickens, horses,
and goats.

The high effectiveness of the Transformer T28 4G-5G/LTE is based on new German
technology which creates an "interference" pattern which neutralizes the harmful effects of
radiation. The radiation is still present, but it reduces the harmful effects to humans and

The Transformer T28 4G-5G/LTE has an effective radius of 108 feet (or 66 meters).

The Transformer T28 4G-5G/LTE contains an integrated compass which must be aligned
exactly to magnetic north when installed.

The Transformer T28 4G-5G/LTE should be installed in an out-of-the-way location such as
on top of a shelf, dresser, or cupboard where it will not be disturbed or moved. There
should never be anything placed on top of the Transformer.

The Transformer T28 4G-5G/LTE is the perfect EMF Harmonizer which creates a very
healthy energy in your home, office or other building. The Transformer has exceptional
distance coverage for complete protection and is especially useful for harmonizing rooms
for Feng Shui or other healthy environment applications.
Building Protection
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The Transformer T28 4G-5G/LTE has been shown to provide exceptionally greater vitality and positive energy readings in living environments when tested using BOVIS methods.
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