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GREEN8 Pet Harmonizer
Protection for your Pet. Strengthens and Energizes.

The GREEN8 Pet Harmonizer is an energized steel pendant/chip that builds up and enhances
your pet's energy field and creates a protective zone against electromagnetic radiation. The
GREEN8 Pet Harmonizer can be worn on any pet collar just like most pet tags.
The GREEN8 Pet Harmonizer is a charged and energized pendant that incorporates the
latest in leading-edge German EMF research technology. It measures 7/8" (23 mm) in

- Neutralizes and harmonizes electromagnetic radiation
- Easy to use - lasting effect
- No discomfort, or feelings of stress or fatigue
- Reliable relief and relaxation based on experimental feedback
GREEN8 Pet Harmonizer
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Pet owners confirm that their animals seem more calm, refreshed, and balanced wearing the Pet Harmonizer. It activates and intensifies the protective bio-electric field around your pet. The longer your pet wears it, the stronger your pet's own energy field becomes.
This feels good!
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