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Protection for your Smartphone from EMF Radiation

EMF Radiation Protection for Cellular Phones, Smartphones, Mobile Phones,
Tablet Computers, Laptop Computers, iPads, and Cordless Telephones
The GREEN8 EVOLUTION is designed to provide protection from Cellular, Smartphone,
and Mobile Phone radiation. The ultra-thin GREEN8 EVOLUTION is a high-tech adhesive
foil device that is attached to the back of your cell phone or on its protective cover.
Measures 1.4" (34mm) x 1.0" (25mm).

Another purpose of the GREEN8 EVOLUTION is to protect you from Tablet and Laptop
computer radiation (such as iPads and Samsung), and Cordless phone radiation (such as
2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz, and DECT 6.0 GHz).

It is optimized for the latest mobile telecommunication technologies 3G and 4G (UMTS
and GSM LTE), and adapted for the powerful new mobile phones including Apple
iPhones and Android.

The purpose and function of the GREEN8 EVOLUTION is to neutralize harmful
electromagnetic radiation during mobile phone use, without the discomfort of hot or
burning ears, headaches, fatigue, tension, distress, and sleep disorders.
Easy to use! Simply peel the GREEN8 EVOLUTION from
its protective package and apply it to the back of any

The ultra-thin GREEN8 EVOLUTION uses a high-tech
adhesive that will stick to the surface of any
Smartphone or Smartphone case.
For Cellular Phones that have a
removeable back cover, simply
remove the battery cover of the
phone and apply the GREEN8
EVOLUTION directly to the battery,
then replace the back cover.
If your phone has a case, simply
remove the phone's case and apply
the GREEN8 EVOLUTION directly to
either the back of the phone or the
inside of the case.
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