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Protection from WIFI and
Computer EMF Radiation

Complete EMF Radiation Protection for Your Home Computer Stations from WIFI
The Transformer T22-30 protects you and your family from the effects of WIFI, and
Computer Workstation radiation. It measures 8.25" (21 cm) w X 8.25" (21 cm) h.

Superior German Technology: the Transformer T22-30 is the first high-tech product that
ensures effective protection from the many effects of not only computer workstation
radiation, but also WIFI, wireless modems, wireless routers, wireless access points,
adapters, Bluetooth, notebooks, and tablet PCs like iPad.

The Transformer T22-30 can be installed near wireless devices in homes, apartments,
office buildings, schools, and hospitals.

The high effectiveness of the Transformer T22-30 is based on new German technology
which creates an "interference" pattern which neutralizes the harmful effects of radiation.
The radiation is still present, but the Transformer reduces the harmful effects to humans
and animals.

The Transformer T22-30 has an effective radius of 32 feet (or 10 meters).

The Transformer T22-30 is an energized device that creates an "interference" frequency
pattern which neutralizes the harmful effect of EMF pulsed radiation. The radiation is still
present but the harmful effects are minimized.

The Transformer T22-30 should be installed horizontally, close to the WIFI/Router/Modem
or at a suitable location where it will not be disturbed.

The Transformer T22-30 is the perfect WIFI Harmonizer which creates a very healthy
energy in your home, office or other building. The unit has exceptional distance coverage
for complete protection, and is especially useful for harmonizing rooms for Feng Shui and
other healthy environment applications.
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